The RIS team was in charge of the complete design and execution for the offices of the electronic sector of ALJ.  Located on Rawdah st, the design objective was to create a fresh and modern atmosphere, inspired by New York loft style. Following an open plan, the use raw materials such as wood and red bricks brought a natural feel to the space. The offices were designed to encourage communication and increase productivity.

Jeddah, KSA |


A design concept, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was designed to be very modern- inspired by the architecture of its location, while remaining true to its origin.  Wood, a commonly used material in Seoul, was integrated throughout the space to create continuity and harmony. The spaces were designed to be open with the use of glass in order to improve end user-experience in terms of light, movement, and visibility.

Seoul, South Korea |


One of our earlier projects, the RIS team was responsible for the design and execution of the complete space. The use of wood was vital to create a space that was comfortable and welcoming. It was also integrated throughout the clinic to ensure continuity and to maintain a balance within the space. The use of colors was kept to a minimal to allow the wood to stand out.  This helped create an environment that put the patients at ease and dismiss any anxiety.

Jeddah, KSA |